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Your Finest Opportunity

While we watch for windows of opportunity to witness to others, we also are windows that give others the opportunity to see a different way of life.

Windows make for pleasant architectural features in a building plan.  They allow people to enjoy a view outdoors while living indoors, or to see what’s happening outside while still being comfortable inside.  Windows even provide an escape from a fire if necessary.  But the primary purpose buildings have windows is to let in light.

The Christian at their workplace is to be a window for the unbeliever to see into a different world.  Philippines 3 says, “Our citizenship is in heaven.”  What this means is that you, in your professional capacity, are a window for people to look into heaven.  The light of another world streams through the windows of your life! The light source? Jesus enthroned in your heart.

Here in Lebanon, I can “see” into Syria by knocking on a door or two in a nearby neighborhood.   The living rooms of these refugees are a clear window into Syrian culture.  Similarly, as a citizen of heaven, I am a cultural ambassador modeling heaven for those I engage.  They hear my heart, they look into my eyes and, I pray, they see heavenly aspirations.  I hope they ponder my peace in trial and even begin to envy the living hope my life shows.

Some will look through your window and not understand you or your joy.  However, ultimately the steady sanity and peace of a life buoyed by grace will win the day.  At some point your coworkers will long for the very light-filled “insanity” you have.

Here are three keys to keeping the curtains pulled back on the window of your life:  

1.  Worship God through your daily life.   Forget about witnessing for a while; keep your eyes on Jesus.  Your God-centered life will be a vortex to draw others into your heavenly interests rather than a hurricane to dump your interest on them.  

2.  “Let your thankfulness be known to all.”  Your thankfulness is your testimony that you are experiencing realities differently than, perhaps, they are.  Train yourself to see all things working together for your good.  God is doing good all around; voice it.

3.  “Brighten the corner where you are.”  Every situation at your work place can be improved.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to be in you, around you, to shine through you, and to go with you in order to be that positive element in each situation.  The Holy Spirit is real and He really wants to work where you work!

It’s possible–and powerful–to relate to those around you in ways that raise curiosity about your world and invites them to look in! Paul did this when he told the soldiers in Jersalem, “I am a citizen of no ordinary city!”   When folk notice your unusual diet, instead of saying, “I am a vegetarian”  you might say, “I have the same diet as the prophet Adam.”  A statement like, “I’m looking forward to the end of the world” or “I’m so glad that God is my judge” can shed a lot of light from your window onto the public looking in.

When your life is filled with God, your routines, your conversations, and your decisions all become windows for the world to see Him!  –BP