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The Lion Is Tamed

God’s Word weaves itself all the way through Christina’s testimony, serving as landmarks in her taming experience.  

I arrived here in the Middle East 13 years ago hoping to find rest from the struggles and suffering of a painful marriage and the weight of responsibilities too large for me to handle.  But I was emotionally and physically broken. Living and working in a different culture was difficult.Homesickness nearly crushed me.

I distinctly remember one of the doctors at our hospital greeting me on my first day, “Welcome to the jungle.” In those first few weeks, I learned what he meant.  People around me were like beasts—lions, tigers, leopards, snakes.  I was living in a fearful world of roaring  colleagues, corrupt co-workers, stalking   businessmen, unfaithful friends.Inspite of the misery, I kept telling myself, “no regret, no surrender.”  At first I cried; then I became one of them.

I adapted to an ungodly culture.  I became tough.  I had a heart of stone.  No more tears flowed; crying became a sign of weakness.  I had too much bitterness and anger in my heart.  I trusted no one except myself.

One day, though, I met an angel.  A new friend, someone I could trust.  During that time, there were moments in my life I thought I couldn’t bear the pain any more.  I would confide in her and she would tell me to pray.  I would cry to her, and she would pray for me. She invited me to the House of Prayer, her church family.  She gave me a precious gift, a Bible.  Dear Adventist friends prayed for me to be transformed and to accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior.  One of our elders became one of my prayer warriors.

“And whatsever ye shall ask in My name, that I will do” John 14:13.

Then there was a visit to some of the Bible sites that are described so powerfully in Scripture.  I had read the book of Exodus and I asked God if I could please stand on His holy ground like Moses.  And He granted my prayer!  I saw the places where God worked miracles, where God spoke.  I stood on the very ground where God had saved His people.  I can’t explain what that moment felt like. I cried overflowing tears, not of sadness, but of a touched heart.

“Said Jesus, ‘Everything is possible for one who believes’” Mark 9:23.

On March 26, 2019 I was baptized in the sea as a Seventh-day Adventist.  It was the happiest moment of my life.  I praise the Lord.  Let the people praise the Lord. 

“And this water symbolizes baptism that now saves you also, 

Not the removal of dirt from the body but pledge of aclear conscience toward God.

It saves you by the resurrection of Jesus Christ” I Peter 3:21.

I have pledged my life to live in a personal relationship with God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.  My life has changed drastically.  My daily routines, the activities I choose, the way I dress, the food I eat, my attitudes and habits are different now.  Love, joy, and peace fill my heart and are evident in my face, my voice, and my actions.

My colleagues have noticed my transformation, and they are happy. Finally the lion has been tamed and trained to live with respect and love, to honor Jesus Christ and our Father in heaven.

I pray that I will grow stronger and stronger in the Lord, that my faith will keep burning warmly so that the people around me, especially my family, can see what the Lord has done.  I pray I can be the best example for Jesus, and to be an encouragement for my brothers and sisters.  I pray I can be guided in all things by God’s Word, and to live by His will.  –Christina

“Make me to go in the path of Thy commandments; for therein do I delight” Psalm 119:35.