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Sharing Peace

I remember the morning I had a little patient 8 months old.  He had had open heart surgery and had been in the intensive coronary care unit for a long time with lots of complications.  His mother was weary.  She wasn’t able to sleep at night; he cried constantly even for no apparent reason.  He had been on sedatives and we were trying to wean him from them before we sent him home.  Even though we understand the effect these drugs have on little ones, it’s still heartbreaking to watch.

I knew the baby had just been fed.  He had a clean diaper.  There were no tubes in him any more.  But he still cried. All the time. So towards the end of my shift–in the afternoon, after I’d had time to build a warm relationship with his tired mother–I asked her if I could share something that would calm her. She sighed and nodded.

I took her phone and found the Scenic Praise videos.  I showed her the others in the series of nature’s beauties set to spiritual music.  I encouraged her to listen to them to calm her own heart.  As I made my last check before leaving that day, I found both Mommy and Baby fast asleep.  Praise God! 

That was the only day I worked with her.  Because our assignment changes every day,  with Jesus’ help I have to be very observant and intentional if I want to make an impact. I may never have close contact with a patient but once.  I’ve come to realize my time with them is so precious. I need to use every moment to draw their minds to our Creator.   As the Spirit leads, the Lord gives me many ideas, simple but impactful, and I sow the seed.   I will probably never see them again, but I trust Him to water and grow the small things I’m able to do. 

Imagine my surprise, then, when two weeks later a fully-veiled mother was being wheeled holding a little one called out to me as I was standing at the nurses’ station.  from where she sat in  a wheelchair after having a procedure.  Of course I didn’t recognize her voice, and she wasn’t assigned to me that day either.  But I happily followed her to her room where she removed her veil and I realized she had not forgotten our day together. “Look, look at my son,” she shared.  “He is so at peace.  He is so quiet.  I watch Scenic Praise that you shared with me.  It calms me.  It is my peace.  Thank you so much.”

And all I could say was, Praise to our God.  My heart was singing, because I knew the Spirit of God was tenderly speaking to her, and she was responding!  –LC