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This is MENA’s Invitation

Your Invitation

Your Commitment

Being a MENA tentmaker is a privilege with responsibilities and accountability that overlap beautifully with a growing, out-reaching love for Jesus.  Never forget the important characteristics of an effective tentmaker (see The Seven Characteristics of a Tentmaker).  In addition to those qualities, a MENA Tentmaker steps into a special relationship with God’s work in the MENA region and the MENA Tentmakers’ Initiative

As we stand alongside you, we look forward to helping MENA Tentmakers grow through a continuum of development that strengthens their spiritual life and increases their witnessing impact:

  • STORY REPORTING.  We are interested in hearing of your experiences as a tentmaker–real-time, real-life accounts of what God is doing through your workplace contacts.

  • MENTORING.  As you gain experience as a tentmaker and see how God works in the circles around you, you naturally take on the role of mentoring other tentmakers in your local church and field.

  • NETWORKING.  It’s important to connect with other tentmakers in your local church and field to encourage each other in the unique challenge of the tentmaking mission.  

  • COLLABORATING.  As one of MENA’s frontline gospel workers, you have the privilege of working alongside your local church pastor and field leaders to  further God’s work together in your region

The MENA Tentmaker steps into a special relationship with God’s work in the MENA region–one that calls for commitment and collaboration with others who share a burden for the message the world needs in these last days.

MENA’s Commitment

The MENA Tentmakers’ Initiative is committed to encouraging tentmaking mission throughout MENA through three important aspects of MENA Tentmaking:

IT’S ABOUT PEOPLE. The MENA Tentmaker is a personal emissary for God through the witness they have in their workplace and community of a personal Savior who gives hope to the individuals God places in their lives. That’s why we want to have a people-oriented focus in all we do.

IT’S ABOUT ACCESSIBILITY. The MENA Tentmaker is a self-initiated, self-motivated, self-funded gospel worker with mission passion, spiritual influence, intentional witness, cultural intelligence, sincerity, flexibility, and personal excellence. That’s why we want every aspiring tentmaker to have access to the MENA Tentmaker network.

. The MENA Tentmaking Initiative is a resource for professionals and skilled workers in the region who feel called as tentmakers. That’s why we want to be a support to one another on this journey. Above all, MENA’s Tentmaking Initiative team is committed to being used by God to strengthen MENA tentmakers in accomplishing what God has called you to do!