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MENA Tentmaker Resources

As a fellowship of self-sustaining missionaries employed in the secular marketplace, the MENA Total Employment Tentmaking Initiative exists to inspire New Testament tentmakers who are serving in the Middle East & North Africa region.

The relationship-building and sharing we envision is invaluable in building a support system for MENA’s tentmakers of all professions and skills. Some resources we provide include a quarterly newsletter that features member experiences and testimonies, access to resources specifically for relating to nonChristians, personal coaching, and regional fellowship.

Enrolled MENA Tentmakers can access these additional resources through the InTent platform for MENA Tentmakers. It carries a wealth of resources–books, articles, documents, videos–as well as social networking potential with other tentmakers.

If you are employed in the secular market here in MENA and are committed to an intentional mission for God in your workplace, CONTACT US so you can learn more about the fellowship and resources available to you.