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Intention. Interest. Interaction.

Because I fast once a week, people at work notice. Of course someone will ask why.  That gives me the opportunity to explain that fasting is in the Bible, that it’s good for our health, and that Jesus fasted to be focused in prayer.  –LN

Missing our company’s special event on Saturday gave me a chance to describe the benefits of the Sabbath and what I do to worship God.  –LO

The Facebook page I have shares inspiration and encouragement for anybody–Christian or nonChristian.  When I fail to put something up for a bit, my M friends ask me what happened!  Some ask for prayer, even to know about the Bible.  –SK

I mention things I do or that I value that may connect with another worker.  Like, “I love nature, where I can see God’s care at work” or “I really value my prayer time.”  Usually that brings questions.  But even if they don’t ask to know more, I know it helps them know me. And that can begin a friendship!  –GB

Everyone has a special interest or hobby outside their work; I try to find out what it is and I connect with them on that.  For instance, I have a colleague who enjoys feeding the birds on our compound. I took pictures of the birds eating his seeds.  He was touched. I shared how God cares for the smallest of His creatures, and we had a thoughtful exchange about God’s attentiveness to our needs.  –LC

I listen for when my coworkers have had success or a good experience. That’s when I join them in praising God–Hamdillilah.  I always share how His blessings show His care and love for them!  –JL

I send special greetings to my students on their religious holidays.  Like on Eid-El-Adha, I texted all my students and shared how I admired Abraham’s obedience to God.  I get positive, affirming comments in response.    –EM

When I feel my patients are anxious, I point them to God. I was talking to a young mother who was tearfully helping me prepare her baby for heart surgery; I explained to her that God cares for her like she cares for her baby.  That was only the beginning of our beautiful friendship!   –LC

If my coworkers seem to be struggling with a project, I’ve offered to help them.  They are surprised.  I know that brings us together.  –LO

I notice people’s eyes.  They don’t often look straight at me, but their mood, burdens, questions–it’s all in their eyes.  I ask if there’s some way I can help. And when they even make eye contact in appreciation, I know God is speaking through me.  –JK